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Duty of Care?

The case of Beacon Residential Community Association v. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP was decided in July of 2014.  The issue this decision discusses is whether or not design professionals (architects, engineers, and other design professionals) owe a duty of care to home owners associations.

In this case, a developer came up with a multi-unit project to be a condo development.  Upon completion of the project, the units were rented as apartments for about two years and then sold as condominiums.  The homeowners association ("HOA") eventually filed a construction defect lawsuit against several parties involved in the construction of the condominiums for design defects and construction defects.  The HOA contended that the defendants owed a duty of care towards the HOA and its members. 

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Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors

IWhen there is a question of what the law actually says people will try to exploit it to their advantage. This is important to both sides of a contract- consumer and contractor. A recent case prompted the CSLB to issue a News Release highlighting the need for consumers to understand the difference between a service and repair contract and a home improvement contract.  This distinction is also crucial for licensed contractors…

CSLB says, “A ‘service and repair’ contract is used when immediate or emergency work is needed and the total cost will be under $750, such as for a broken air conditioner or plumbing issue; and the ‘home improvement contract,’ which is any job that is not an emergency and will cost $500 or more in combined labor and material costs.”

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