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Contractor's Safety Awareness

When employees go onto a job site, they assume that the contractor's working there are aware of the hazards and are prepared to deal with them. But what happens when a contractor is new to his/her profession? Who orients them?

It's not enough to know the safe actions to perform the job through training, Cal/OSHA safety training and orientation success is measured against the standard of putting that knowledge to work - through implementation. That's where safety awareness comes in. When contractors, who are new to their professions, perform their jobs; what do they have their attention on: Completing the job or completing it right?

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Ask The Consultant
By Chuck Daleo

Q: I am a concrete contractor. Can you give me a refresher course on accessibility that can affect my flatwork?
Dave H.

I am pleased with Dave's concerns. There are just too many lawsuits involving accessibility and you all need to be aware of the requirements.

Flatwork includes sidewalks, ramps and other walking surfaces. In a public place, these components are regulated by the ADAAG and Chapter 11B of the CBC.

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732 N. Diamond Bar Blvd. #114
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Working Safely Around Electricity

Industry runs on electricity. It's safe to use when you know what you’re doing and take proper precautions. When precautions are not taken, electricity can be a killer.

There's no margin for error when working with electricity. Conditions vary so much that without the facts, you may make a mistake and cause injury to yourself or fellow workers.

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Las herramientas eléctricas son motivo de preocupación

Hoy día la industria funciona con electricidad. La electricidad es segura cuando se sabe cómo usarla y se toman las precauciones necesarias. Cuando no se toman precauciones, la electricidad puede matar.

No existe margen para errores cuando se trabaja con electricidad. Las condiciones varían tanto que si no se tiene la información correcta se pueden cometer errores y ocasionar lesiones a su persona o a sus compañeros de trabajo.

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Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors
By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc

Impossible no. You can do that, but it won't be easy! Oh, say can you "C"? How about letting a buddy use your license? Answers are the reason you ask and we share them here so contractors learn from the issues of others ...

Q:  I had a Sole Owner license that expired back in 2007. Since then, I have been listed on my company's license as an RME (Responsible Managing Employee). I am leaving the company and I want to get my own license number back which starts with a '4', but I'd like it to be Incorporated. Is that possible?

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Before You Replace

The No. 1 reason consumers replace their computers – short of a complete system failure – is that their current computer is too slow or suffers from poor performance, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll.

If you've noticed a decline in your PC's performance, and you are using your computer for about the same amount of time and for the same tasks that you did when you purchased it, there are simple and free procedures to try before you head out for a replacement.

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