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Contractor vs Employee

Live Webinar or Recording
November 13, 2019
CPE: 2.0, HRCI/SHRM: 1.5
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IRS and State Agencies have increased their audits of workers classified as Independent Contractors. Why, because both Agencies are looking for more revenue without raising taxes. Misclassification of workers by payees are an easy IRS target. As a result, companies need to be especially careful to ensure that their employee vs contractor classifications are in compliance with the law.

  • IRS 20 factor test for identifying independent contractors.
  • Purpose of Form 8919
  • Purpose of SS-8
  • Purpose of Form 8952
  • Red flags that attract attention of IRS
  • How is a company most likely to be “caught?”
  • The “red flags” companies should look for when performing a self-audit.
  • How to appeal an IRS Employee’s decision – the IRS’s Voluntary Classification Settlement Program Objectives
  • To provide you the tools to avoid contractor vs employee issues.
  • To provide you the tools to handle an employee vs contractor audit.
  • To provide you the tools to appeal and auditor’s decision.
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Form 1099 Update

Live Webinar or Recording
November 15, 2019
CPE: 2.0
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With constant revisions to Form 1099 and the related rule changes, it is crucial to remain up-to- date with the current information reporting laws to avoid those dreaded penalties and interest not to mention the time consumed to make corrections.
Everything you need to know to prepare the Latest 1099 Forms:

  • Changes to Forms 1099 and what information you need to be in compliance
  • What to do if payments include both goods and services
  • Rentals of personal property vs rentals of real property
  • Payments to Attorneys & Health Care Professionals
  • Judgment Payments and Forms 1099

Strategies to Remain Compliant with Proper Policies & Procedures:

  • What is reportable and which Form 1099 to use
  • Information reporting to non-profits
  • Information reporting to Corporations, LLCs & other tricky classifications


  • Updates on various 1099 forms and their respective reporting requirements
  • Determine which form to use and what amounts are reportable
  • Overview of latest penalty increases for noncompliance and possible abatement of penalties
  • Tips for developing information reporting office procedures which reflect due diligence onthe part of the payer
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Cancellation of Debt Income: What is and What is Not

Live Webinar or Recording
November 25, 2019
CPE: 2.0
Enter: 30CEYE and take off 30 (First Ten Attendees)
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Taxpayers often associate tax liability with otherwise positive financial developments, such as the earning of wages or the realization of gain from the sale of property. But when taxpayers cannot pay their debts they may be surprised to learn that their financial stress is compounded by an additional tax liability. In this course you will learn the conceptual framework of cancellation of debt income, when it is and is not recognized in gross income, and the ancillary effects of excluding it from income. We will also explore reporting requirements, both for the taxpayer whose debt is cancelled and for a creditor who is cancelling the debt.

Topics Covered:
•    When and why cancellation of debt (“COD”) results in income
•    Circumstances under which COD may be excluded from income
•    Situations where the taxpayer may get no notice of COD income and still be liable for the tax
•    Obligations imposed on a creditor who cancels debt otherwise owed to them
•    Recent cases involving COD income

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W-9, The Perfect Start to Perfect 1099's

Live Webinar or Recording
December 5, 2019
CPE: 2.0
Enter: 30CEYE and take off 30 (First Ten Attendees)
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What’s New

  • Filing Dates
  • Increased Penalties

Questions Answered:

  • WHO should receive a W-9
  • WHO is responsible for the accuracy of W-9 information
  • WHAT does “disregarded entity” mean
  • WHAT is the importance of “tax classification”
  • WHEN are W-9’s due to Payees
  • WHEN should W-9’s be rejected & re-sent to Payees
  • HOW can I avoid name & TIN mismatch problems

Time-Saving Tips:

  • Advantages of IRS e-services
  • Verify TIN, EIN, SSN with IRS e-services
  • Train staff to verify the correctness of W-9 information
  • Train staff when to backup withholding

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